A head start to a New Year’s Resolution

Most people start their New Year’s Resolutions right after the New Year. However, if you look at every single December since I can remember, I have used this as an excuse to PIG OUT and be extremely lazy until I wake up hungover on January 1st. And then, I decide I’m too hungover to exercise or eat anything without a pound of ketchup on it so I push everything back to January 2nd. Everything goes good for awhile after New Years, but then I fall out of the routine. Since my favorite foods are nachos (extra sour cream), wings (extra ranch), pizza (EXTRA ranch), and anything else I can couple with a condiment, cutting back is extremely difficult. I also have a boyfriend who could eat McDonalds and Rubios out of business, and lose 18 pounds the next day. So I figure by blogging about this, it will make things a little more “official.” Facing myself in the mirror every morning is not nearly as scary as facing a community of online bloggers ­čÖé

So this will be my diary of “cutting back” and not “giving up.” I’m going to practice moderation rather than excess. My previous attempts at being a total health nut eventually make me crazy because I try to give up too many things at once. I’ve never worked with “small goals” that could eventually become ways of life. 2011 will be a year about health and healthy living for me.

I’d like to preface this blog journey with the fact that I am not “unhealthy.” I go to yoga regularly and exercise often. My diet is pretty decent, but could be better. I’m not a big person, but you could┬ácategorize┬áme in “could stand to lose a few.” ┬áSure, weight loss would be great. But, it isn’t my ultimate goal here. 2010 has been one of the healthiest years for me in activity, and I want to make this a bigger goal for 2011. I’ve just began to care a lot more about my health as time has gone on. I am 24-years old, and how I take care of my body WILL affect me later.

Follow me ­čÖé I want your comments and I welcome suggestions. Instead of January 1st, I will use December 1st as my mark. I have one month on most people who are going to be making resolutions this year. So tomorrow, I will start the process of cutting back. I would count today, but someone brought homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon into the office. I should probably skip dinner tonight.